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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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HAE3DKBYZ5.0.2Schedule Manager will now scan each cascaded address book, and no longer stop at the first address book corresponding to the domain.
HAI4EE5FW5.0.5Server crash when user create new document via browser (DBCS character in field name
HAN5Q5FDH6.5.5Fixed some sorting problems between the Welcome Page and other open windows in the same view. The mail box in the Welcome Page and other Open window...
HANA4XGGYR5.0.9Prevent a JavaScript error when attempting to open a file through the Configuration->System Files menu.
HANA52QQ8W5.0.9Fixed a problem where Fault recovery would not reliably restart the server.
HANA569RLL5.0.9aFixed a problem where the WebAdmin console function would not work in other than English.
HANA5J2R7F6.0.3This fix corrects a misleading DTrace error message on OS/390.
HANA5WJMVU6.0.4During an install, if a previous lotus.ini exists but is in ASCII, this fix will convert the file to EBCDIC while still maintaining
HANA63CKJS6.0.5Depending on your PATH, the extended attribute for libnotes was sometimes not being set.
The server install would not detect that this did or did...
HANA6FDKN58.0.1Multi cd install continues even after error in untar. This problem has been fixed.
HANA6FE42Y8.0.1Fixed an install error when zlinux.taz.aa.cks file was missing.
HANA6FG4CM8.0.1Fixed an incorrect error message displayed when trying to run install when not in "root".
HANA6GAMYX6.5.5This fix uses "OS390" as the platform name when creating NSD sysinfo file.
HANA6KYQBX7.0.1Fixed a problem where the z/os installation failed if perl was not already installed.
HANA6QLPX37.0.3,7.0.2 FP3If there is no terminal available and the Java console is being used, NSD sometimes reports a 'ps' error. The error is fixed and no longer appears...
HANA73RHGN7.0.3 FP1Changed the default directory to /opt/ibm/lotus.
HANA73RHGN7.0.3,8.0.2 FP1,7.0.3 FP1Changed the default directory to /opt/ibm/lotus.
HANA73RHGN8.0.2 FP1Changed the default directory to /opt/ibm/lotus.
HANA73XJJC7.0.3Fixed the SetConsoleWindowTitle method to not print debug statements and also fixed the logic to set the server title only when we succeed with...
HANA7BCSJJ8.0.1Fixed a panic running OS390 server.
HANA9GW59N10.0,9.0.1 FP2Backend class changes to introduce a new optional parameter to the NotesCalendar.getApptunidFromUID metod
HANA9GW5HU9.0.1 FP2Introduces a new "validate" arg to CalGetApptunidFromUID
HANA9MVK4K9.0.1 FP3,10.0Notes Client Mac is now signed with version 2 signature
HANA9VMUUL9.0.1 FP4Sametime fixes included in 9.0.1 FP4:
Defect 25501 - Chat history viewer window is not seen if the second monitor is unplugged
Defect 24386 -...
HANA9VMV7K9.0.1 FP3Sametime fixes included in 9.0.1 FP3:
Defect 18311 - Passwords in log files encoded or in the clear when logging is set to high
Defect 21058 - Still...
HANA9W3KAB9.0.1 FP4IBM JRE / JVM in Notes and Domino upgraded to IBM Java 6 SR16FP4 to address a series of java security vulnerabilities outlined in technote...
HANAA6JT2D9.0.1 FP6Sametime fixes inlcuded in 9.0.1 FP6:
Defect 32253 - Sametime auto-status change for calendar meetings doesn't work
Defect 31786 - When user logout...
HAPE5YWRX96.0.4Fixed a crash which occurred when creating a new "To Do", using the Domino Server with the Spanish language pack installed. This regression was...
HAPE6BTUCL6.0.5When creating or modifying a mail rule on 6.5.3 with the Spanish version of names.nsf, the size that is specified is not recorded correctly (the last...
HARL45YMC95.0.1Fix alignment of label text on three-dimensional style of checkboxes and radio buttons


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