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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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FABN9WMMW99.0.1 FP7Addressed a potential Domino server hang condition caused by a deadlock between compact and update tasks.
FABNA3BQDM9.0.1 FP7Fixed a potential Domino server crash when DBMT is processing soft deletions.
FBAI988AC69.0.1,8.5.3 FP5Fixes issue where User cannot encrypt/decrypt Mail if the user has ID in ID Vault. This was a regression introduce in 9.0.
FBAIAGED4D9.0.1 FP10Fix a user name lookup issue with the Notes Basic Client when it contains a slash
FBAIALRD3W9.0.1 FP9Fix an issue where mail attachments are garbled when downloading mail via IMAP where the attachment was compressed by LZ1 format, but was marked as...
FBAY5CLF4Z7.0.1Fixed a problem where NotesMinder in a multi-user client install wasn't launching.
FBAY5GXJK26.0.2Fixed an issue where the Invitee Status dialog layout was not properly displayed for right-to-left language users.
FBAY5GXMNB7.0.2This problem is due to the incorrect computation of the abscissa of the "For user:" prompt. With this fix, we take the direction information into...
FBAY5GYGXJ6.0.2Fixed the drop-down menu options for Mail actions to display the correct reading order for right-to-left languages.
FBAY5GYLB36.0.2Addresses an issue with character limitiations in the User Security/Public keys dialog message for some languages other than...
FBAY5GYLEU6.0.2Addresses an issue with character limitiations in the 'Do not locally encrypt' dialog selection for some languages other than...
FBAY5HMGE36.0.2Fixed an enablement issue for Arabic version of Notes where links for the TeamRoom setup were not appearing on Teamroom over the...
FBAY5KBLW36.0.2Fixed a problem in Domino Designer 6 when saving system actions of a design element that has only system actions, and was originally saved with R5 or...
FBAY5R2LES6.0.4The Sametime UI now functions as an MUI. Prior to this fix, the UI could not switch from the localized copy to the English version.
FBAY5UCKZR6.5.5After creating a rule and then disabling/deleting the rule, the rule is not disabled. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.5.
FBEE4AXPNS5.0.3Fix problem that could be observed when setting up a connection and two activities. Opening either activity in a view succeeds. However, when trying...
FBEE4DZLA25.0.4,5.0.7Fixed databases losing their Database launch properties if the client had previously crashed while that database was open.
FBEE4DZLA25.0.7Fixed databases losing their Database launch properties if the client had previously crashed while that database was open.
FBEE4ESVCA5.0.3Fix @MailSend to work when there is no current document and parameters are supplied as it did in R4.6x.
FBEE4ETNUV5.0.3Fixed a problem that caused the Notes client to fail to recognize the INITIALCACHEQUOTA= setting in the Notes.INI. This setting is set by the...
FBEE4JD7MB5.0.7Provided vertical scrollbar fixes for the view applet. Prior to these fixes, the scrollbar would become stuck.
FBEE4KMPCC5.0.6Full text searches with short strings (under 4 characters) containing wildcards will now retrieve all found documents. This regression was...
FBEE4KPM3C5.0.5Added the R4 functionality of Zoom preview to maintain the three-pane integrity in R5. Zoom preview will longer expand to take the entire view space....
FBEE4LKPBZ5.0.6Using doc.replaceitemvalue to assign a negative value to a field is now working as expected. This was a regression problem introduced in...
FBEE4LRSXN5.0.7Fixed a crash caused by switching from Notes to another application while a type ahead search is in progress.
FBEE4MFLTJ5.0.8ViewRefreshFields now works in the QueryClose event when a form is in a dialog box and the dialog box is closed. This regression was introduced in...
FBEE4P7LV65.0.6Improved performance when opening a connection document on OS/2 servers.
FBEE4QMTRA5.0.7Fixed a full text indexer problem where fields in a Notes document were not being indexed when they were between rich text fields that were out of...
FBEE4SVURB6.5.4Adobe .pdf files were not being full text indexed. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and 6.5.4. This regression was introduced in...
FBEE4XLR3P7.0.3Readers were not able to use @MailSend to generate new messages. This fix allows non-create level ACL users to still use @MailSend with arguments to...


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