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SPR Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP2)


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EAVM45YJUN5.0.2Fix problem of incomplete deletion of highlighted bidirectional text. Occured when selection contained numbers in addition to text or special...
EAVM477AMQ5.0.1Fix display problems with the Hebrew currency symbol, including the symbol appearing on the wrong side of the number.
EAVM477JBX5.0.1Handle the % sign correctly.
EAVM47EGE35.0.1Fix the read order of bubble help.
EAVM47RE2R5.0.2Fix alignment and reading order of Notes Minder dialog for bidirectional languages
EAVM47RGHP5.0.2Correct bidirectional language variants of 'Create Agent' panes with right to left configuration.
EAVM47YC955.0.2Fix font switching problem when typing dot/comma or comma/dot combination between numbers in Hebrew text .
EAVM47YKC35.0.1Fix a problem with the text in tables marked "Fit to window" being truncated on the right.
EAVM47ZHBT5.0.1Fix a problem, when there was a dialog list with "Allow multiple values" which contained both right-to-left and left-to-right language characters in...
EAVM482ACG5.0.1Fix a problem where, when creating a date, only the first date was saved if you used any punctuation to separate the dates in a multi-value...
EAVM483GF25.0.1Allow native style password fields to be entered.
EAVM483GPW5.0.1Allow native control date/time fields to be entered correctly.
EAVM483GUR5.0.2Parentheses contained in BiDi right-to-left text now paste correctly when pasted into a RTL field.
EAVM484HTW5.0.2Fix hang when resizing layout region which is marked as a right-to-left region for bidirectional languages
EAVM48EDL25.0.2Fix placement of space character when it separates a bidirectional language from a non-bidirectional language
EAVM48EE9J5.0.2Allow number fields with punctuation to be saved correctly
EAVM48FGEZ5.0.2Fix display of English text in bidirectional language list field when the text contains numeric characters.
EAVM48GH7Z5.0.2Fix decimal tabbing behavior for bidirectional languages.
EAVM48GHPH5.0.2Fix display of bidirectional text when both right and left tabs are defined and used in the document.
EAVM48HJPY5.0.2Fix problem with cursor focus on some bidirectional language forms after keying CTRL-S.
EAVM48NEJW5.0.2Large tabbed tables can now be scrolled horizontally in a Bidi environment also.
EAVM48WMAP5.0.2Fix loss of color setting in bidirectional language text when special characters such as "@" or "\" are inserted before non-default color...
EAVM48XMZQ5.0.2Fixed a problem with editing a bi-directional text field that is located after a layout region.
EAVM48YCJN5.0.5Fixed an intermittent problem where Hebrew URL's produce an "Invalid URL Syntax" error.
EAVM48YJYX5.0.2Fix replacement of bidirectional text when highlighted text display order is changed from one direction to another and then new text is entered while...
EAVM49AFNU5.0.1Fix an issue where data stored in an RTL Scientific Format Number field does not save values properly after 2 data refreshes.
EAVM49BKYQ5.0.2Width of tables containing BiDi text (Arabic or Hebrew) no longer become too large.
EAVM49LN4B5.0.2Fix unexpected keyboard language switch for bidirectional languages when typing a new value into a list field.
EAVM49MDUH5.0.2Correct the placement of a space character between English and Hebrew words viewed with the Notes web browser under certain...
EAVM49QJ7H5.0.2Correct the display of closing parenthesis when typing English text within Hebrew field or form.


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