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SPR Recommended Release (14.0)


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CAFE58PNA25.0.12"B-tree structure is invalid" error received after trying to refresh a view. This particular view had been specified as the LEI selection view in...
CAHT959LQG10.0,9.0.1 FP2,8.5.3 FP6 Fixes issue where complex LDAP search filter returns no results. The fix for this issue could introduce a performance degradation when there are...
CAKH7JZ3K88.5.1Additional special characters, such as " $ ^ ~ + - = < > ", are now allowed in passwords for Notes ID files
CAML6VBLL79.0.1This fix restricts users from creating a folder with the same name when they are using separate clients and the same mailfile.
CAML6YGS9B7.0.4Changed code handling filenames for inline uuencode files to handle dates in filenames.
CAML74ASC68.0.2Fixed a problem where DAMO could not sync MIME mail with an attachment that was missing Content-Transfer-Encoding type.
CAML7DAMSX8.0.2Default Home Page appears after switching ID when another database is set as Home Page. This problem has been fixed and was a regression was...
CAML7E7UW48.5.2Fixed a problem where a categorized view in a Composite Application would not display properly. After collapsing and expanding and using the...
CAML7GYMVM8.5.1,8.0.2 FP2Synchronize Contacts fails if "Enforce Consistent ACL" enabled without Manager rights.
CAML7M33BM8.5.1Fixed permissions on shared templates to allow design replace/refresh for all users
CAML7NC2CH9.0,8.5.3 FP3Fixed an issue where long URLs were truncated when user clicked to open them in browser; prior to this fix only 720 characters of a URL were passed...
CAML7PZW2B8.5.1Exporting Tabular Text format puts strings in "double quotes". Removed the "double quotes" in 8.51. Regression from 8.02.
CAML7Q528S9.0.1 FP9[High Resolution Screen Client Fix]: Fonts in Admin Client are too large for area when OS DPI setting increased to 150
CAML7QFQKM8.5.1Cannot drag & drop a file attachment if it is being viewed or edited. After the Drag & Drop fails the mouse stops functioning with the Notes client....
CAML7YUTUW8.5.2Fixed a problem where information was truncated when printing only one line per entry from the Contacts view. This regression was introduced in...
CAML82ST2E8.5.2Prior to this fix, changing locations in the Address Book with 300+ locations caused a menu draw issue and errors/hangs.
CAML8393XU8.5.3,8.5.2 FP2In certain Windows environments (i.e. Trend Micro Office Scan installed), nslsvice and ntmulti Notes Client services crash on shutdown. With this...
CAML84XS278.5.1,8.5.2 FP4Resolved potential Notes client crash when dragging a URL from the Sametime chat transcript area to the text entry field on chat...
CAML8582LY8.5.1Correct mailer so that email to server group is sent to members of server group instead of members of identically named peronal name and address...
CAML8DN5XP8.5.3Fixed an issue where internal addresses were not added to Recent Contacts if local Directory Catalog has been configured
CAML8FB3FM8.5.3The TUACache ehash was corrupted. Added code to verify the EHash in the init code. Also added code where we insert items into the EHash to verify it...
CAML8H7TV88.5.3 FP3,9.0Fixed an issue where when Notes inherited white font from high contrast black OS theme when sending internet mail, the recipient received a "blank"...
CAML8JPUS38.5.3Fixed an issue where workspace navigation by first letter can be inconsistent and miss some databases.
CAMS5RJM396.0.4Added the ini "RouterDisableReadersField=1" to disable the readers field restrictions, with this ini setting, the router no longer applies the...
CAMS5UCKXG6.0.4Fixed a full text indexing problem where fields that contain a NUMBER (floating point) were not being indexed properly.
CAMS632JYL6.0.5/6.5.3Added code to check if SSL is enabled when constructing the URL for the meeting server.
CAMSBRGJGT12.0,10.0.1 FP6,11.0.1 FP2Notes - Fixed an issue where the Notes client would hang after upgrading Domino Server to 11.0.1 when their main server tries to failover to another...
CAMV5EBKGL6.0.2Error received when trying to configure an additional server on a port mapped system.
CAO4DHQVT5.0.3Fix NotesDatabase.CreateReplica method when user does not have reader access to some documents.
CAOA5V9CWS6.0.4This fix prevents a memory allocation error when trying to load a non-existent image over the web.


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