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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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HNAA6NX4G5Prior to this fix, the attachment icon information for some executables was lost. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5 and 7.0.
BHIR6GENNDWith this fix, Notes will not try to relock the document if it is already locked by the same user. This regression was introduced in...
DDUE6EEGKAWith this fix, the reading order was changed before attaching the view into the dialog. This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.
CPON6GTBVKFixed a crash which occurred when opening documents that contain a $Sig_xxx field. That field appears when one or more sections in the document has...
JSHN6KPP8GFixed problems which prevent link corruption. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
HKAI6LJA8NNotes draws a black borderline of thickness around all cells. If a Notes.ini variable 'DisableRTFDefaultBorder' exists and is set to a non-zero...
PHEE6JUS2EDomino HTML filter (invoked by ";html" symbol) has a mechanism to handle contents within square brackets as pass-thru HTML. Enabled HTML signature...
SHEZ6KZGYWFixed a crash opening a document with lots of tables with merged cells. Added the Notes.ini variable No_Div_Width=1 to prevent large areas from...
MLAT68DRDDMixing Hebrew, Number and colon characters displayed incorrectly in Release 6.
JHER62QJQUCorrected round-off error in computing border widths at destination resolution. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
HCHU6P2TFJFixed a memory leak related to document/database links in subforms. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5 and 7.0.1.
TMAI6TTCVHIt seems DisplayChanged event was not happening for hidden objects. A trigger for DocumentComplete has been changed from DisplayChanged. See here...
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