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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for  7.0.4 FP1 7.0.4 FP1
Hide details for AdminpAdminp
VDES7RDENQCorrected an issue which caused Administration Process (adminp) to crash if there are errors found in the processing of certain roaming user...
Hide details for MIME to CD conversionMIME to CD conversion
TPON7GCJYNFix a problem which could cause attachments on a MIME message, created on a Mac and converted to Notes Rich text by the router during delivery, to...
Hide details for SearchSearch
DSAS7QS2XAUnable to search words in document title in Domino using search site database.
Hide details for ShutdownShutdown
TSOE7RMLSZServer shutdown delays for minutes.
Hide details for  7.0.4 7.0.4
Hide details for AdminpAdminp
YQRO6W6A5FAdminp was unable to find the newly registered user. A view update was added to refresh the view so Adminp could find the entry. This regression...
Hide details for APIAPI
WMUH77GJ8EFixed processing of the flag parameter for simultaneous rename and move. This regression was introduced in 7.0.2.
Hide details for AttachmentsAttachments
KSAA7JE57RResolved issues with iNotes allowing an attachment with the same filename as what exists in the Reply/Forward history.
Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
GCOK7BQNRXWhen performing certain actions on a C&S entry, such as accepting or declining, users will receive an error "An error occurred while saving: Note...
Hide details for CD to MIME ConversionCD to MIME Conversion
CAML6YGS9BChanged code handling filenames for inline uuencode files to handle dates in filenames.
HNAA7FBED6During conversion of a charset (like Japanese or UTF-7 UTF-8) from MIME to CD charset information is lost. This problem has been...
Hide details for ClientClient
RGAU74TKULFixed a crash when trying to open a frameset that has a form with an embedded outline. This regression was introduced in 7.0.2.
SHHW7E8BNNFixed a layout problem in PDF calendar printing in the Hebrew language release. This regression was introduced in 8.0.1.
Hide details for Client AccessibilityClient Accessibility
KSAA7APES9After setting the mail preferences to "Show pop up" and changing the windows taskbar preferences to "Auto hide the task bar", then making the Notes...
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
HKAI6WFEWXFixed a problem where data in the first line of the second column was missing if it was DBCS. This regression was introduced in...
MMII5KBDGCResolved an issue where a single double-byte character set space would not be converted

to a Single Byte Character space, as per the previous...
DCOY78AP87Close network session to sever after opening a view in the background. In 7.0, view async opening caused a network session to be left to time out. ...


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