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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0)


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CAOA6WV7GXPrior to this fix, DBCS string which follows DBCS + [Shift + Enter] in a rich text field couldn't be found by full text search. This regression was...
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
SQCN7AVC2SWhen upgrading a multi-user installation from 7.x to 8.x, verification now occurs to make sure the client startup checks the correct reg key for the...
Hide details for Instant MessagingInstant Messaging
JHAT7D2NSBThe Sametime UI can now be disabled when the client has IM_Disable=1 set in their notes.ini file. When this environment variable is set to 1, the...
MALZ7CM2JLFixed an issue when installing Notes 8.0.1 and choosing not to install Sametime as part of the Notes install, a Sametime menu still appears in Notes....
Hide details for JavaJava
DCOY7CYRLBTo prevent multiple Notes error dialogs when the DEL key is held down continuously. This check may consume significant time when a
large number of...
DPOL7D9M6FIn basic Notes, if an outline had a formula (for example a url) then clicking on that outline entry should result in opening the URL. This action...
Hide details for Java ClientJava Client
DPAT7B7N5KFixed a problem where users were unable to find a path to a server when publishing to a catalog in a subdirectory. This regression was introduced in...
Hide details for Java ConsoleJava Console
SMAI6URTQ5The Java server console on Windows exited when the user logged off. This incorrect behavior was fixed by adding an ifix to the JRE.
Hide details for LCULCU
JUYA6XAERUChanged the code to have the current locale's group selected prior to the latin group when converting U+00B1, U+00D7, U+00F7
Hide details for LEILEI
ALSR7DXG3MFixed a problem where the meta connector order was not working correctly. This regression was introduced in 8.0.
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
KGUT6HWKUZThis fix prevents an HTTP hang when finishing a LotusScript agent. This regression was introduced in 8.0.1.
CSMH7D2TUJFixed error "Restricted Operation
Cannot Cross Logical Boundaries Error" when using the remove method of NotesEmbeddedObjectClass. This regression...
ADC7CYQJ5Fixed an Access_Violation in the nlnotes process. This regression was introduced in 8.0.1.
YYYN7AV3ZMFixed a possible crash in Contact Preferences dialog.
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AONL7DCK7QAfter migrating to Notes 8.0.1, IMAP client truncated the body for some messages. This regression was introduced in 8.0.
ATHS7BL6DZWhen a user keys a comma, the code is trying to lookup last token. The code has been modified so that addresses generated by reply all or copy/past...
JRAN7AJ6FKWith this fix, when checking for multiple Notes domains, any leading rfc822 parts will be skipped before making that check.
YJIO6YV6YGThis fix prevents the "Object Variable not set" message from displaying after changing the Preferences ACL setting.
MNAA7CE8PEPrior to this fix, when Contacts had duplicate email entries, the Ambiguous Name dialog was displayed. This regression was intoduced in...
ABUI7DYQWMAdded check for From item and use that item if exists when creating rule. This regression was introduced in 7.0.3.


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