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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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JACE6W94SUFixed a problem that failed to upload an attachment if reuse child windows is enabled. This problem occurs when a new document with attachment was...
HKAI72MH48Fixed a problem where an additional file could not be attached on a mail message which was replied with history or forwarded and the original mail...
JCAO6ZF248Fixed a problem converting specific documents from MIME to HTML. This regression was introduced in 7.0.2.
MNAA725FSDFixed a problem where an attachment failed to download from Domino Web Access. This problem occurred if $Files item value was different from the...
MSER726QN5Fixed a problem where an email sent with an attachment did not have the attachment included when opened by the receiver. This regression was...
TMDS6UNTK5Fixed a problem where the user was being prompted to install the DWA 6 Active X control, even though it was already installed.
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