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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for  8.0.3 8.0.3
Hide details for LCULCU
TSAO7GL5NKThe five DBCS characters in Shift-JIS have been changed into LMBCS Group 0x00.
Hide details for MailMail
JFRA7CPEEXFixed a problem where the vertical scroll bar in the preview pane was automatically placed back to the top.
Hide details for ServerServer
BNEC7JJNBAFixed an XLS indexing problem and removed debugging message. This regression was introduced in 8.0.2.
STAA7FK9WSFixed an XLS indexing problem and also removed a debugging message. This regression was introduced in 8.0.
Hide details for  8.0.2 FP6 8.0.2 FP6
Hide details for ContactsContacts
WTON7UCJMSWhen an Internet address is entered or returned from a selection, a final lookup is now done to try to retrieve a Notes address from an internet...
Hide details for EditorEditor
SKAI7PJJL8Prior to this fix, Notes 8.x will convert outbound messages to MIME although the user set 'Notes Rich Text Format' in the location...
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
JPAI82QP5SFixed a regression which prevents Smart Upgrade from successfully launching a .bat or .cmd file. The workaround would be to launch "cmd.exe" and put...
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
SODY7JYHSNThis fixes an incorrect path when converting a UUEncoded message. This regression was introduced in 8.0.1.
HNAA7XR9ZKAMgr task terminates abnormally while pulling a string value from richtext. This regression was introduced in 8.5.
CSCT836HFLView.getDocumentByKey and getAllDocumentsByKey fail on a very busy view, with the error "the collection has become invalid". This fix will allow...
ESAR85MQL7Fix to update views during View.GetDocumentByKey/GetAllDocumentsByKey so self modifying views can see their modifications. This is a companion spr...
Hide details for Web ServerWeb Server
MKIN823SZZImproved network performance of the web server on W32 when using a high latency network. The web server needs to wait until all data is sent before...
Hide details for  8.0.2 FP5 8.0.2 FP5
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
JWAG79B9SXFixed a problem that prevented Server Health Reports from being generated into the local dommon.nsf on the the Administration Client....
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
MKIA7J3FWQFixed the conversion of User Activity data when converting a database from ODS43 to a newer ODS version. This regression was introduced in...
SGOI7RBFG6Server crashed with the panic message " PANIC: OSBBlockAddr: Bad BBlock handle (0)" accessing an unbuilt column sorting index in a view. This...
ADEE7TXT84Fixed a problem in DBDIRMAN that would prevent view updates in databases. When an application checked for changes in a database with...
MDIY7TNMNXFixed a crash when the server came up a second time without Domino reinitializing. This fix addresses a potential double initialization of a core...


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