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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for Client UIClient UI
AGUD7DSU3QWhen using the Standard Notes Client, if a database returns FALSE in QueryClose event, or if a document returns FALSE in it's QueryClose event, Notes...
NNAI6YSCMXWhen you change default cache size 30mb to any other value, deleting "Cache.NDK" sets workspace cache size as 4194303 MB. Cache was dependant on the...
Exclamation Point IconAJAS7PDKER After restart, the top of the workspace icon stack does not honor the Mail file location set defined in the location document. This regression was...
DPOL7LRKSA @Command([ViewNavigatorsNone]) fails to hide the navigator pane in the Notes R8 Standard client. This regression problem was introduced from Notes...
JMOY7MD52AReplies are showing up as part email of threads, even when the original email is not saved when sent
MQUE6UWGSYLosing cursor in the database search bar
MBRN7N25YBThe Font picker dropdown on the toolbar is improved to show more choices in Notes 8.5.1
Show details for Client UI/BookmarkClient UI/Bookmark
Show details for Client UI/BookmarksClient UI/Bookmarks
Show details for Client UI/FocusClient UI/Focus
Show details for Client UI/MenusClient UI/Menus
Show details for Client UI/ViewClient UI/View
Show details for ContactsContacts
Show details for Contacts/Exporting/ImportingContacts/Exporting/Importing
Show details for CustomizationCustomization
Show details for DatabaseDatabase
Show details for Database Transaction Logging/RecoveryDatabase Transaction Logging/Recovery
Show details for DebugDebug
Show details for DesignDesign
Show details for DesignerDesigner
Show details for Desktop PolicyDesktop Policy
Show details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
Show details for Directory Services/LDAPDirectory Services/LDAP
Show details for DXLDXL
Show details for EditorEditor
Show details for Editor/AttachmentEditor/Attachment
Show details for Editor/Document lockingEditor/Document locking
Show details for Embedded ApplicationsEmbedded Applications
Show details for Embedded ViewEmbedded View


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