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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
CHAN6VKUSJDeleting a repeat reservation directly created in the R6 R&R database, using an R7 event (template and server) created a doublebooking problem due to...
MLUR7ZVGGBWhen a day in the month view that is not part of the currently displayed month is double-clicked, the view is still navigated to the appropriate...
DCON7WV9LRPrior to this fix, the Sametime Classic meetings were not processed correctly on the Sametime server due to missing fields, Notes now correctly sets...
KKOO7HM8Q8Fixed a problem where the alternate name of the chair was missing after a user accepted a meeting invitation. This regression was introduced in...
IGAI82R5L8If a site name were to contain a parenthesis - "(", users weren't able to book the rooms under this site and that's been resolved with the template...
CSMH7SNLJ5When repeating calendar entries were created (specifically, meetings), the "From" item on the instance note did not have the item flags "ITEM_NAMES"...
JXBI7Y38TUWhen a user opens the calendar, the calendar view date navigator may display the incorrect date (Wednesday, September 23, 2009) for the date range...
ANIA7YM8BYRooms & Resource Reservation database "Reserved for" and "Reserved by" columns Are not being displayed in web browser.
MALE73XMCSWhen a room is renamed the Chair who has reservations for the room receives an email with a Update My Meetings button so that the room name change...
FJFJ7VK9TBWhen a Chair would choose the Owner Actions: Reschedule or Cancel, on a repeating meeting and then cancel out of the dialog which asks which entries...
MSTR7EPQFMFixed a problem in Notes Client Calendaring where a Calendar Manager with Author Access was getting errors when taking actions on a Private Meeting...
TBAY7WUHGLWhen a Notes user accepts/declines a meeting sent by an external party, IronMail fails to parse the iCal response and the invitee'sresponse is not...
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