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LJAS7WUSAUWhen using the administration client to delete a person from the Domino Directory hosted on a down-rev server, a "The requested function is not...
AJMO7WJQ3VUser groups list creation can cause server slow downs. The problem is that the group list cache is being bypassed every time a user's group list...
KHAN7XJUSYThis fix prevents a certain group cache debug from being output to the server console unless the DEBUG_GROUP_CACHE=1 Notes.ini parameter is set. ...
RSOI7V2KKNWith this fix, Directory Catalogs will now return the Internet Address Attribute and the messaging client will only raise an ambigous dialog if the...
HARL82XKQQLDAP search response time is slower in Release 8.5, compared to previous releases, when the LDAP filter contains objectclass=dominogroup. This...
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