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JPAI7XNMGFDeadlock during server initialization when an Extension Mgr hook opens a Domino database during initialization. This regression was introduced in...
SGOI7RBFG6Server crashed with the panic message " PANIC: OSBBlockAddr: Bad BBlock handle (0)" accessing an unbuilt column sorting index in a view. This...
YDEN825ENEThis fix restores proper handling of errors from the shared unk table.
THIO7XMAKDFixed a problem where the unread count of a database incorrectly included some documents. To correct an errent count a new replica will have to be...
SRIO83LSTWFixes a specific issue in 8.51 with DAOS and corrupted attachments.
PMAO83WTBXWhen consulting the DAOS catalog to see if the NLO exists in a location other than where the hint suggests, the filename is malformed if the query...
ADEE84REF5Fixed a defect that affects attachments during archive operations, causing attachment corruption. This regression was introduced in...
CJON7VBU5Z Avoids refreshing design elements in a hidden design unless needed.
CBMO7VPPEWRepairs a defect that crashes a replication when extended ACLs exist..
EDOE7XXRQV Addresses a possible hang on server termination when multiple update tasks were run.
KSIH7WUQHNThis fixes a defect where Domino crashes during a ReadEntries of a view.


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