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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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Exclamation Point IconSKAI7VKJGB Error "Operation not currently implemented" occurs with Notes URL when using @URLOpen. This regression was introduced in 8.0.2...
HKAI7UW6YDWhen using a time zone other than GMT and importing data from a 1-2-3 worksheet into a form that contains a date/time field, the time zone was set to...
LTIU7XGJ6NThe Ctrl+Alt+S keybinding that brings focus to the sidebar has been removed so it will no longer conflict with the Alt Gr+S used in some locale...
JCON6LCKLQPrior to this fix, a MailTo HTML action that launched a mail memo would not pass the body contents of a new message. This regression was introduced...
RAGG7RCNVXFixed a Notes client crash on shutdown.
SCHI7ZPGPCA search with search history disabled no longer generates an error message. The error message that was displayed was "Searching application has...
MGIN82GM2GIcons would get "cut off" and/or would not completely refresh in some cases. Notes now refreshes the width of the Sametime enabled column of a view,...
DWHN7LWDR8Prior to this fix, when creating a Memo using a button located on the Memo form resulted in the error "Invalid or nonexistent...
GKLA7ZWN75The issue is addressed and Customize this View changes are persisted in Calendar list views.
CSAO82TBJHPrior to this fix, calling @Command([ToolsRunMacro]) or @Command([RunAgent]) would result in the error "Entry Not Found In Index". This regression...
QLIG8259MMFixed 2 images' leak when right click on Notes mail/calendar/contact view to show context menu.
DPOL7XRGK8Fixed a problem when using [ToolsRunMacro] @command from a navigator in order to launch an agent. The @command failed with the error "Entry not...
SVRO7X9REWFixed a problem with earlier versions of Notes where an Alarm would end up taking focus from what the user was doing inside Notes. This was...
JSTN7X8N4APrior to this fix, the mail replica settings were overwritten when Notes copied icons on the workspace.
VDES864GFYFixed a crash at starting notes when mail deletion is pending
JTHN7VQPFWFixed Notes client loosing a focus in an embedded view after opening embedded doc and then pressing the ESC key
GAO7YRR58Fixed an intermittent Frameset display issue when custom frameset has both pages and views.


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