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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for Mail ServerMail Server
TPON889DVKFix resolves an issue reported when mail to recipients in Multiple Foreign Domains will only be delivered to the First Recipient Domain. Regression...
LMIL8BHMEVFix resolves a performance issue where CPU spikes due to held Delivery Failure Reports in the router mail.box. Regression in 8.5.1.
CTSI8D9LUWFixed a potential Domino HTTP hang caused when using iNotes. This was a regression introduced in 8.5.2 FP1
Hide details for MIMEMIME
TPON8DVGCHFix resolves an issues around MIME messages, where previously a Mime Conversion On Server Causes Text?xml Attachments To Render As Part Of Message...
Hide details for MIME to CD conversionMIME to CD conversion
MNAO8D9LX9Fix resolves an issue during MIME conversation where emails that have been routed thru the server using SMTP and MIME conversion have spaces removed...
Hide details for MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
SDOY8A9JKHFix resolves an issue in iNotes where clicking On Stationery in Tools\Stationery View Opens it in Read Mode. Correct behavior is the view allows...
VSEN8DUSJ6Fix resolves issue in iNotes where 100% zoom in IE 8 was distorting fonts. Regression in 8.5. Fixed in 8.5.2 FP3.
Hide details for ReplicationReplication
RWHG8CLCYWFixes resolves an issue around Local replicas pushed down via policy are not always created and immediately populated during a new user setup....
KWON8FPRQTReplicating with an R5 server would present: "Error: This function is not implemented on this version of the server". This is caused by flags the R5...
KDMA89KT96 This fix addresses a defect where Domino 8.5.2 server cannot replicate with 5.x server due to new search capabilities not being downlevel compatable...
TSOE8H2KVKUnsupported flags where set to send a request to an R5 server. The fix checks the level of the destination server and resets the flags the R5 does...
TBOD89ZKYAFixed problem where reader list on a note may not be honored during replication. Regression in 8.5.1 fixed in 8.5.2 FP3.
Hide details for ServerServer
BFUY8ALMKUResolved an issue during mail rule registration which produced error message ' Error registering mail rule 1 for database .nsf: Insufficient memory -...
Hide details for ServiceabilityServiceability
SKAI7U683DSTATS_COLLECT_ALLOCATED_SHARED_PRIVATE=1 enables the collection of Allocated Shared and Allocated Private Memory stats on the Domino Server which was...
BMGH8G2S9LWhen configuring ADC in a parent configuration document, the settings are not pushed to servers that have individual configuration documents without...
TCHL8FNQ35Serviceability fix in the Notes Client where, if the Notes client crashes due to a non-java error and a javacore is attached to the ADC fault report,...
Hide details for XPagesXPages
MNAA8EQ8YJFix resolves an issue in XPages where, a Customer is using an XPage database that has rich text field. When opening a document that has some href...
Hide details for  8.5.2 FP2 8.5.2 FP2
Hide details for AdminpAdminp
TSAO83GHGUFixed an issue when renaming a user's alternate name ("Rename Person in Calendar Entries and Profiles in Mail File"), the alternate owner field in...
Hide details for APIAPI
AKUR8BR745Fix a semaphore hang when calling NSFNoteUpdate in an extension manager. Regression in 8.5.1 FP4.


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