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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0)


Hide details for CompactCompact
JRED84BLGNFixed a problem where compaction would not effectively compact databases. This regression was introduced in 8.5.
SKAI8GTFURA defect in Domino 85 that resulted in data corruption when the NameList reached a certain size. This SPR fixes the defect and avoids the the...
Hide details for ContactsContacts
ASCR89KJ4KFixed a problem where the recent contact preference "Only names from emails I send" failed to work properly
SYAI85K36RFixed issue where a user could create and save a group, where the same group name already existed.
JRGE88HMX9Fixed the crash issue which occurred when importing large mount of contacts
RKRY8DVP24Fixed an issue where local contacts in typeahead are not sorted using DIP ranking
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
JPMS8A2MDMThis fix corrects a lock of the GUL semaphore which should be for ODS 51 only. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2. Fixed...
JPAI8HLK46Fix resolves a database fix-up issue which improperly leaves databases in an inconsistent state and causes db corruption. Regression in 8.5.2 FP1....
SWAS8FL5D4Resolved Deadlock when running ncompact -B. When inplace compact is finishing up, it can cause a deadlock when transaction logging is enabled. This...
GHAT8CCHX2Addressed an issue that prevented views from being opened in some read only databases. Regression in 8.5.1.
Hide details for Database NavigatorDatabase Navigator
JSHN888KWKIn 8.5.1 when accessing a database on a server requiring a cross certificate, certain conditions can cause the Designer client to become...
Hide details for Database Transaction Logging/RecoveryDatabase Transaction Logging/Recovery
PMAO7SHRS3 Fixed server Panic under LookupTheVariableInOurCache caused due to data corruption.
Hide details for DesignerDesigner
HKAI7MG8U5Prior to 8.5.3, Designer would not accept many DBCS characters as a separator in date/time fields. In 8.5.3, with the exception of JIS DBCS: ア...
SHEZ89HAJAFixed a problem in Domino Designer where performing a Ctrl-S while editing LotusScript would switch focus to the Help Pane, if it was open. This...
VMAA8E5HYCFixed a problem in Domino Designer where trying to change the case of a design element using edit-in-place editing would report an error about the...
Hide details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
JTHN84HS2EFixed a problem where Notes clients would crash during typeahead, or calendar entry creation if they had a locally based CDC. This regression was...
CJMS87TLZSFix to allow "mail=" searches on a FTI'ed NAB to return users who not only which have a Forwarding Address but also those who only have an Internet...
KYOE6QSA3PFix to remove the duplicate result listed for one contact when searching "Local Address Books" from Notes Client. Regression in...
JCAR8EHFJCFixed a problem introduced in 8.5.2 where Directory Assistance will not find some names in remote Secondary names.nsf.
Hide details for EditorEditor
BJGY82YNZPNotes stops loading HTML data when it finds a URL to JavaScript invalid. With this fix, Notes shows an error message in the status bar and continues...
MMDD6Q4K62When you printed a calendar and selected the "print calendar to a document" option and "weekly style", Notes put unnecessary space between calendar...
PALT7X9LYDFixed an issue introduced in 8.0.1 where applications with $KeepPrivate set prevented users from copying and pasting text.


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