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BJGY82YNZPNotes stops loading HTML data when it finds a URL to JavaScript invalid. With this fix, Notes shows an error message in the status bar and continues...
MMDD6Q4K62When you printed a calendar and selected the "print calendar to a document" option and "weekly style", Notes put unnecessary space between calendar...
PALT7X9LYDFixed an issue introduced in 8.0.1 where applications with $KeepPrivate set prevented users from copying and pasting text.
TMDS882P8MThe Spell Checker's "Skip All" feature does not "skip all" if first occurrence is in the subject. Previously, the header doc and body doc use...
GTON85DL4AFixes an issue where Notes 8.5.1 crashes when form closes. Regression in 8.5.1 which is fixed in 8.5.3.
JBEN86WJ8DWhen a user sends an encrypted message with an attachment from iNotes, the message displays two attachment icons when viewed though the Notes Client....
HHIE86YDHHAn issue has been fixed where a URL followed with DBCS space cannot be recoginized as URL in editor.
JSTN86EVRVAn issue has been fixed where editing a MIME message with encoded attachments results in duplicated attachments.
ADEE8BZAR2Fixes an intermittent Notes/Domino hang or crash due to a memory overwrite when Body field is accessed. On the client, viewing body field using...
YLJA8CY5FKFixed a hang in the Notes Client that may occur when forwarding certain documents from the DDM (Domino Domain Monitoring) database. Work around is...
HYAI8DWCMVFix resolves an issue where an Embedded View is displayed incorrectly in the Client. You must scroll to see all content. This was a Regression...
IISA82DCF4Fixes an issue where opening an attachment a 2nd time can result in a 'file in use' error instead of opening the attachment with a new, generated...
TSHI8DJ7SMFix resolves issue where Notes may hang or open very slowly when opening views that contains long DBCS strings. Regression in...
YPHG89CDU5Fix resolves issues where Notes may hang or open very slowly when opening views that contains long DBCS strings. Regression in 8.0 fixed in 8.5.2...
ANIA8CBE7GFixed issue where dialog box background colors were always "system color" in certain dialogs.
LRHG8ADC95Fixed an issue where error, "Entry not found in index or view" was presented while opening a document. Fixed by adding code to get rid of characters...
KKOO8BRAK3Fixed an issue where you cannot save documetns after selecting two or more attached files. Underlying cause is that attachments in MIME messages...
RDJS8APTK6Fixed an issue where editing or reopening document fails when working with a document that contains a field named "EML." We added more checks for...
PALT8DXNHFFixed an issue introduced in 8.5.2 where a customer had an application with a form with embedded view. The target of the view is the same frame as...
RHAN8FUUF3Fixed an issue where the Notes Standard Client could experience a specific Notes Editor crash while hovering the mouse over resource links with...
SODY8FLDNQThe action attribute was removed from a form element by Active Content Filter and the form action didn't work. The workaround was to check the...
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