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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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HYAI8NMA9M Fixed an issue where the administrator could not set Unread Mail to display as "Plain Red Text" using policies
TMDS8CBTZVFixed an issue where the "View By Name" drop down did not appear in the sender colors "Select Names" dialog box
MJON8MRQGXFix resolves an issue where Vertical Scroll Bar does not work when using IE8 in Compatibility Mode.
CTSI8MLMDRFixed an issue where the notes.ini setting, iNotes_WA_DefaultUI, was causing redirect requests to be issued repeatedly. This is a regression in...
CTSI8J9JU7 Fixes an issue where embedded images would show a broken link in mime/HTML mail messages if the mail file is located under a directory with a single...
TKAA8P4B6FFixes an issue where insert image is broken when a new mail is created with Copy Into New or Forward.
HYAI8KT68UFixed an iNotes mail issue that could cause text to be lost. The scenario is forwarding an email with attachments and then entering extra text. The...
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