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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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TTAN89PG8TUnable to send a single meeting invitation to a Domino room from Exchange due to incorrect iCalendar processing of the room. This has been fixed in...
IFAY8AEEP6Fixed a problem where the Update Task was returning errors when run manually or scheduled.
KSOA8CUTZJWhen changing weeks in the Calendar timeslot view in the Notes Client, the calendar timeslot view may reset to display 12AM rather than starting at...
KAHY8CRN9GEdit Reservation button will appear in the web interface of the Rooms and Resources database.
EZEL8BAQDGA bug in the mail85 template is preventing users from booking multiple resources from different resource categories. Changes have been made to the...
KSOR856AT7Display the correct meeting date and time during a print preview of a new meeting invite which has not been saved. Also, subject is refreshed...
TSHI8DGCHYOn Japanese client, 'Day' label missing from subject of group To Do.
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