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SHEZ8DUDWHOn Citrix: An error (An internal error occurred during "Loading data") is displayed when selecting "Feeds" Or "Day-at-a-glance". Regression in...
ABUI838M4GFixes issue where the Day at a Glance view does not update when a delegate updates a calendar entry
VNTR8EY8SG"'Loading Data' has encountered a
problem. An internal error occurred during: 'Loading Data'" error dialog appears collapsing all in the summary...
KKOO8EJC5ENotes Basic client users could see conflict bar display even there was not conflict for shorter duration entries. Please add the following Notes.ini...
STAA7YCC83Fixed problem that iNotes is unexpectedly closed when creating a new meeting if calendar owner is not set.
CJMS8BNV28Fix problem where Online meeting url is incorrectly generated by iNotes in certain conditions
HYAI84SE56 Provide [Update My Meeting] action when reading Resource Rename notice message in iNotes.
KYOE87D88XFixed problem when trying to search for a Resource name with mixed LMBCS and ascii characters from the iNotes calendar form.
MJON8GCUUHFixed problem with iNotes Calendar view where a meeting created and then canceled by a delegated user still displays as Private.
SDOY8DMN9XResolved iNotes client errors when accepting/declining a meeting notice with comments and running with the Potal UI
TSHI8H89LCFixed isssues with the Details message format for a saved Calendar entry that was created from a Plain Text Message using the Copy Into New Calendar...
SDOY8F8GU2Fixed several problems with the new Mail message form display in iNotes, when opened by running the Send Mesage to Invitees action from a Meeting...
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