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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP2)


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RONL8LQBPTInbox views in mail-in databases on the standard client will automatically refresh. In prior releases, inbox auto-refresh would only work in the...
DHUS9M3N24Fixed an issue where the Notes Client is not tendering a newsletter correctly.
SDOYAHKBT7[iNotes] Fixed an issue where the INI Inotes_wa_novertlinereplyforward=1 does not work and vertical lines in iNotes replies and forwarded messages...
TSAOAAGJ7RFixed an issue where the Group Name is removed when receiving an email
TSAOALSDHK[iNotes] Fix a problem where the text in a plain text message is displayed with a larger font.
JMEAAL7J7VFixed an issue where a local group no longer expands
ACVR9LZSBSFixed an error in the Notes mail Spanish template when opening folders
SDOY9HCJMFFixed an issue with the Swedish mail template where the reply works like reply with history
TSAOA9KHCQWe now ensure that the behavior for the error "Too many recipients. Recipient addresses must total less than 2MB." is now same for encrypted and non...
TPON949L2MFixed an issue where encoded phrases may have embedded delimiters after decoding -- e.g., the comma (',') in Ziffle, Fred...
THIO9943RXFixed an issue where the unread mail color is not changed (Japanese only).
TOGAANPFH4Fixed a space/indent in the body field of Japanese mail template (Japanese only). This is a regression in 901FP8.
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