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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for XpagesXpages
HYZGBRJAV7Designer - Fixed an issue where Designer would hang when opening a particular customized XPages database. This regression was introduced in...
RGANBS6EQ6Client - Mac - Xpages - Fixed an issue within the Xpage Rich Text Editor control where Notes would crash when trying to display a drop down control. ...
Hide details for XPages or CustomControlsXPages or CustomControls
XBYNBU7362Designer - XPages - Fixed an issue in XPages where adding a container control and choosing "View", then selecting a view would result in the error...
Hide details for 11.0.1 FP111.0.1 FP1
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
MSKABN2HEDAdmin - Fixed an issue in the Admin client where, when trying to manage a vault server to do an action like add/remove a vault server, the error...
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
SAPLBMTMALClient - Mac - Catalina - Fixed an issue where the ICS file did not launch with Notes on Catalina.
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
SSARBNFCXKNotes - Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting the last document from a folder. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1
Hide details for COMCOM
ASHEBMVBUMJava - Fixed an issue where com.ibm.notes.java.ui.documents.NotesUIDocument always return NULL. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1...
Hide details for Core ServicesCore Services
KBRNBP9RV5Server - Fixed an issue where multiple RunOnServer agents were not thread safe.
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
JLCPBNJ8K7Server - Fixed an intermittent crash involving IDTableValidate and CheckMarkers. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
Hide details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
MOBNBPQQEAAdmin Client - Fixed an issue in Admin client where Managing File Directory ACL was losing entries on Linux systems. This regression was introduced...
Hide details for DQLDQL
VRARBQ9KLQDQL - Fixed an issue where query processing was producing an internal error handling "IN" terms using views. This regression was introduced in...
JCUSBR4HYKProgrammability - DQL - Fixed an issue where design catalog refresh or rebuild would sometimes fail with "Invalid or nonexistent document". This...
Hide details for Full-text indexingFull-text indexing
SHJRBCGEX4Server - Full text indexing of attachments - Introduced an INI - TIKA_FORCE_PDF_SORT=1 to work around an issue where full text index attachment...
Hide details for HTTP ServerHTTP Server
CTOEBP4JVCServer - Fixed a problem where a user's Profile was being created with CN=... components after their name when the HTTP Sessions setting for Session...
SPPPBMDGUFDomino - HTTP server - Classic Web Applications may no longer work because of the X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff http header that is always included...
Hide details for ImportImport
RKHABPHDV9Notes - Excel Import - Fixed an issue where after import & view operations some properties were missing like Text color, hyperlink, underline,...


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