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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (12.0.2)


Hide details for MIMEMIME
KHLEAYZPDYClient - Fixed an error #0C:03 that would occur when trying to save a document that had an in-line image over a table. This regression was...
SSIHBX786CiNotes - Attachments - Fixed an issue where attachment names dropped off left and right parentheses, '(' and ')', left and right square brackets, '['...
Hide details for PreferencesPreferences
KMOAAC4AZUiNotes - Fixed an issue where an error would occur when trying to open Notes ID Info in Preferences if user's Notes ID was about to expire. This...
Hide details for Rich Text EditorRich Text Editor
ASATBSCF5QiNotes - Fixed an issue where images pasted into new messages would disappear after auto save when using IE. This regression was introduced in...
MRATBRPAPTiNotes - Fixed an issue where user is unable to insert an image into new mail using "Insert Image" option in iNotes with Internet explore 11. This...
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
SSARBTRH9TServer - Archived users in the ID Vault who already have a ~ prepended to their name due to consecutive bad passwords will no longer have an extra ~...
DKENBXPMNQClient - Fixed an issue where Notes ID vault downloads and synchronization were failing if server failover was involved. This regression was...
Hide details for ViewsViews
SAHNBTYAPBClient - Fixed an issue where, in Rooms & Resources database, a crash would occur when switching to the calendar view. This regression was...
Hide details for XPages or CustomControlsXPages or CustomControls
XBYNBU7362Designer - XPages - Fixed an issue in XPages where adding a container control and choosing "View", then selecting a view would result in the error...
Hide details for 10.0.1 FP610.0.1 FP6
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
AYAVBM8AS2Client - Mac - Fixed an issue where viewing Notes attachment on MAC Catalina fails due to temp folder being created inside restricted base folder....
NPDIBRRD7QClient - Mac - Fixed an issue in meeting invidation where calendar date picker for custom date goes blank. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1...
AYAVBSCHYPClient - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed an issue where Notes client would crash on Big Sur. This regression was introduced in 11.0 and 10.0.1...
Hide details for Core ServicesCore Services
KBRNBP9RV5Server - Fixed an issue where multiple RunOnServer agents were not thread safe.
Hide details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
MOBNBPQQEAAdmin Client - Fixed an issue in Admin client where Managing File Directory ACL was losing entries on Linux systems. This regression was introduced...
Hide details for EditorEditor
SSARBN8KVLFixed an issue where scrolling doesn't work when we drag and drop an attachment and try to scroll upwards with attachment selected. This fixes...
ATHNBQPBXLClient - Mac - Fixed an issue with spell check not detecting mis-spellings for Hungarian, Hebrew and Korean languages. This regression was introduced...
Hide details for FormsForms
DLIMBNN36GDesigner - Fixed an issue where Forms would open in Notes Client instead of Designer if Help window was opened in Designer and dragged to Controls...
Show details for Full-text indexingFull-text indexing


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