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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for  5.0.2c 5.0.2c
Hide details for TemplateTemplate
LFOS4FL2WMFix a problem introduced in R5.0.2b with Calendar entries which were marked Private being available to authorized Readers of the Calendar...
Hide details for  5.0.2b 5.0.2b
Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
WZIR4EBTCDFixed a problem introduced in R5.0.2 in which the Invite and cc: fields are missing on the Meeting Invitations and Reservations panel of a Meeting...
KCHL4CG7HNFixed a problem introduced in R5.0.2 in which Free Time was corrupted in the Calendar Preferences dialog when using non-English operating system...
Hide details for ClientClient
LDEY4CCRT6Fix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 with Date/Time fields using the Calendar/Time Control style not retaining changes if the field was recalculated...
Hide details for CORBACORBA
DBRN4EDSNVFix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 with the introduction of parameters to Agent.run in CORBA which caused Database.getAgent to return an unexpected...
Hide details for DesignDesign
MAU48YK9GFix a problem introduced in R5 which prevented users who have access to create Private Agents in a database from editing...
Hide details for Full-text indexingFull-text indexing
YXUU4CVVMWFix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 in which full-text search did not support the GBK character set (Chinese).
Hide details for InstallInstall
HHII4ED5C9Correctly upgrade MSVCRT.DLL to the version shipped with Notes/Domino R5 if the user has an older version as a result of using the incremental...
Hide details for MailMail
ASCR4DASJJFixed a problem in Mail where Reply to All sometimes duplicated the name in the To: field into the cc: field for certain messages
Hide details for ServerServer
MNAA4E7CU8Fix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 in which long subjects containing multi-byte characters would not be converted correctly to MIME when mail was...
SPRT4CNPDKFix a problem specific to the Linux Domino server which increases stability and prevents the various internet services from crashing under load due...
Hide details for SMTP ServerSMTP Server
MSAN4DWTHFFix a crash introduced in R5.0.2 which occured when the SMTP DSN extension was enabled inbound.
Hide details for TemplateTemplate
APAI4EMM5LFix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 which caused time range values to be corrupted producing the error, "Unable to interpret Time or Date," when using...
LROE4DCPBSFix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 which caused failure of the "Actions->Copy into" features in the mail template.
Hide details for Web ServerWeb Server
CDCO4EDK2CFix a problem introduced in R5.0.2 in which Frameset names which include spaces do not get processed correctly and produce an invalid URL which...
JCHN4DCL7ZFix a problem introduced in R5.0.1a with improper time calculations being done on Unix servers when daylight savings time is not in effect causing...


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