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Regressions\fixed in... Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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GFLY5PSGNPFor clarity, changed the prompt text when inserting a Subform.
RBEE5WNMG9A different technique was used for long lists and short lists. The long list version was very recursive and slow, so using the short list version...
JGON5PNMM8Previous choices are not retained after pasting into a dialog field. This problem occurs if the field uses a view dialog for choices. This...
MYAA5Z52ZNCharacter attributes were not inherited from rich text fields when creating a document via the web. This fix requires the notes.ini...
GPKS5VUCX6This fix allows the focus to move away from the embedded view in a dialog. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
RSOI5Z6FP6Design refresh of database having hidden design also updates unmodified elements. This regression was introduced in 6.0.3.
DCOE5Z4UVDAn alias is no longer added when moving a folder via Actions\Folder Options\Move Folder. This problem caused duplicate folders with some PDA...
JCOS5NWQTEIn R5, a subscription to a database with the default view categorized correctly returned the documents to the headline.nsf database. In R6, the...
SUI5GP8L7A Form Formula will now work in a Private view. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
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