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Hide details for 12.0.2 FP412.0.2 FP4
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
JJARD2TLPTAdmin - Rename - Fixed a rename issue for Turkish users with an Org and Org unit. This fix is off by default and requires the use of a new...
Hide details for AdminPAdminP
KKHOD2PDBPServer - Adminp - Calendar - Fixed an issue where, after renaming a user id, old entries in the calendar with that user id as the chair were not...
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
MNIAC6LDGDiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where deleting the original document of a rescheduled meeting did not delete the reschedule...
NNAICQL488iNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where iNotes group calendar failed to show the schedule detail information if the ACL was set using the alternate...
GMAA8EUHGHClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue that could occur when opening a calendar counter notice where the error "Field: 'tmpUseLongDate': Incorrect data...
FPAICCBHUUiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where iNotes failed to send a reschedule notice for encrypted meeting if the delegated user was an internet mail...
KSAUCYJHN4iNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where the body contents became unavailable when an iCal meeting invitation was forwarded.
FPAIC3SQ5NiNotes - Fixed an issue where the notice to accept a counter proposal was not sent to some attendees for an encrypted repeating...
ASAECZXGV2iNotes - Fixed an issue where cancelled repeating meeting instances were still being displayed in the information of the repeating...
Hide details for Calendar & SchedulingCalendar & Scheduling
SJOIC23H3HClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue where update notices were not sent to the invitee if they were added to an already created recurring/repeating...
MMNDCAYMEMClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue where the Notes Client gave the error "An error occurred while saving: Note item not found" when trying to accept...
SJOID27EHRClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue where removing an Office 365 invitee from an existing meeting using the "Remove Invitees" option was sending a...
SGHHCYGM3EServer - Calendar - Fixed an issue where Cyrillic characters were not displaying properly for meeting invitations received from WebEx. This was...
Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
NGRTCULDA7Client - Calendar - Fixed an issue with delegated mail file polling which could expose a server/cluster to a transaction storm on...
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
MSUNCYRKHTClient - Signatures - Improved the behavior of the Capture Signature dialog. The dialog no longer accepts an empty signature. The "Done" button is...
SAPLCVVGNNClient - 64 bit - Fixed an issue where the error "Insufficient memory - menu pool is full" may appear from different actions after installing Notes...
SANECLLJATClient - Discover Page - Fixed an issue where the INI $DISCOVER_HOMEPAGE=1 was not being honored when starting the client - the Discover Page was...
Hide details for CompactCompact
MJTM9LLTV6Server - Compact - Fixed a crash that could occur when running compact -a during archive cleanup
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
ANIACV9AGCServer - Database - Fixed an issue where an error "The integrity of a database storage container has been lost - the container will be rebuilt."...
DCKTD2NP3ZServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where attempting to push a DAOS object to Tier 2 would result in a NoSuchKey error when calling AWS...
NGRTD3AC54Server - Database - Fixed a deadlock that could occur between http and Traveler, resulting in a server hang.


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