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RBIP6C4LUZClient - Fixed an issue where trying to open Mail.box from Admin or Notes client failed when Notes.ini Mail_Enable_Mailbox_Compatibility=1 was...
JWIECNGAE4 - Client - Addressing - Fixed an issue with the 64 bit client where clicking in the selection area of Select Addresses dialog would result in a...
SRDECLGF77Client - Mail - Fixed an issue where doing "Reply to All with history and attachments" to an email where the sender's email address is a malformed...
AYAVCP5ENDTemplates - mail14.ntf - Fixed an issue where doing a Reply or Reply to All action on certain emails would result in 'invalid universal id' and 'No...
JADGCHSRRVClient - Mail - Fixed an issue with the Notes basic client where some links to non https:// urls were being convered to local files urls (file://)...
IJEUCJNG4GClient - Mail - Fixed an issue with some mime emails where they show as empty. Workaround was to edit or reply to the email to see the...
ASAECP9C4XClient - Mail - Fixed an issue with the Basic Client where failover was not occurring when the Archive Database was accessed via the mail files...
ASAECR8GLHClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where editing and saving a signed email received from an external sender that contained an attachment would result in...
SBOECJBDH3Templates - mail14.ntf - Fixed an issue where replying to specific mails with Reply and Reply to All would result in "No RESUME" and "Invalid...
RRENB7KG5EiNotes - Mail - Fixed an issue where the Sent view will show an incorrect version of a draft document when a draft message is edited and sent from...
SSIHCT33WZiNotes - Mail - Fixed an issue where replying to email from iNotes that contains an external address in the CC field would sometimes result in...
JAQOCTN6RSiNotes - Editor - Fixed an issue where insert link feature did not allow setting more than a 400 character length URL
ATHNC4F7MATemplates - mail14.ntf - Fixed an issue in OutOfOffice script library code in IsServiceDisabled function handling an edge case where first day back...
NNAICMA2Z4Templates - mail14.ntf - Fixed an issue where running a rule using "Run Now On Inbox.." was incorrectly running on messages that did not meet the...
NPDICTXDWNClient - Mail Archive - Fixed an issue with deleted folders in archived mail database where a new folder of the same name is later created, resulting...


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