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Customer Priority Recommended Release (14.0)


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NDIOBA3GPFClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where fonts would change to bold at random within the email body, address, and subject...
RKRYC49NBRClient - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed a crash that could occur during dialog box create in function...
JADGC2HU9UClient - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed a crash trying to launch Notes. Workaround was as follows: In the file -...
PPUEBYYHVSClient - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed a crash that would occur Mac Big Sur version 11.2x in Apple CoreGraphics method ...
MLAT93ZW4KClient - Fixed an issue where the spell check dialog went behind the Notes window giving the impression that Notes was...
MBLT9MVDVKClient - iCal - Fixed an issue where .ics files containing umlaut character in their filename were not able to be...
RTAJBD2DKBClient - Fixed an issue with blurred text displaying on Windows 10 when gdiscaling is enabled for notes2.exe and...
ECRAB8USGYClient - Toolbars - Fixed an issue where customized toolbar settings were reset to default setting when restarting...
MNIAB5PFLCDesigner - XPages - Fixed an issue where the delete key was not working in XPages script editor. This regression was...
KKOOBXGB65Programmability - LotusScript - Fix for rare crash during execution of Session.UserGroupNameList property in...
JCUSC44RP3Programmability - DQL - Fixed an issue where DQL queries using @DocumentUniqueID = '<value>' terms were failing to find...
JCUSC47JW5Programmability - DQL - Fixed an issue where DQL queries with nested OR booleans would result in errors in assigning...
RBIPBZ8N9ZProgrammability - DQL - Fixed an issue where DQL was failing to find views to process against on AIX
MLMABZSPQSServer - Database - Fixed an issue where an error message was incorrectly being displayed - No longer display Repair...


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