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Lotus Notes/Domino Release 6.5.6 FP 2 Release Notice
November 1, 2007

IBM Lotus announces Domino 6.5.6 Fix Pack 2. IBM strongly recommends upgrading to the latest Fix Pack, since Fix Packs address a small percentage of defects that impact the broadest set of customers. This is a scheduled Fix Pack of a limited number of low-risk/high-impact fixes to help customers safely avoid known problems. Fix Packs are released periodically between Maintenance Releases to provide a greater level of stability for customer environments. Fix Packs go through the same level of fix, regression and interoperability testing that occurs with our Maintenance Releases. Future 6.5.6 Fix Packs will be cumulative and contain all of the fixes from Domino 6.5.6 Fix Pack 1, and may be applied on any language version of Domino 6.5.6.

All fixes in this Fix Pack have already been successfully deployed at customer sites. Fix Pack fixes are included in the next shipping Maintenance Release, but since 6.5.6 was the last MR for 6.5, 6.5.6 FP2 fixes will also ship in 7.0.4 and 8.0.1. Customers unable to upgrade to later Maintenance Releases will want to install Fix Packs to benefit from later fixes made to the product. By providing a small number of fixes, customers are able to accept fewer code changes with lower risk, allowing them to "patch" an older Maintenance Release until a more extensive upgrade to the current Maintenance Release is possible. Fix Packs may be downloaded from the web, but will not be distributed on CD.

While Fix Packs provide important fixes and IBM strongly recommends applying the latest Fix pack available for a Maintenance Release, IBM still recommends that customers upgrade to the latest Maintenance Release + Fix Pack combination to receive the broadest set of fixes available. You will receive more overall fixes with a later Maintenance Release + Fix Pack than with a set of Fix Packs on top of an earlier maintenance Release.

The following is a list of the problems fixed in this 6.5.6 Fix Pack.

1. There are 5 fixes below with a plus symbol (+) before the SPR number. This symbol indicates fixes for regression bugs. A regression bug is a bug that was introduced in a Maintenance Release that did not exist in previous releases of that code stream. For example, a bug that appears in R6.5.6 but did not exist in R6.5.4 is a regression.
2. Technote Numbers are displayed in parenthesis following the fix description.

  • SPR# GHAN6YFQ9F - Fixed a Domino crash in ServerGetNotes. With this fix, a check was added to the Notes handle before calling OSLockObject function. (TN# 1258247 )
  • SPR# GRCE6HWR8X - Fixed a full text highlighting crash that may occur under low memory conditions. (TN# 1264481)
  • SPR# HDWG782D2E - The wrong Fix Pack version number was written to the Domino Server for AS400.
  • SPR# JALS6ZZTQ3 - Fixed a Server crash when using the iNotes mail template. (TN# 1281894)
  • SPR# JLAE766KP8 - Prior to this fix, Sametime was using excessive CPU when entering the "Meetings In Progress" page.
  • SPR# JPIU746Q8S - There is a possibility that AdminP may crash in the process of moving a mail file between two
    servers. The "Monitor New Mailfile Fields" request can crash while attempting to adjust male file
    machine names from the old server name to the new server name. (TN# 1281831)
  • SPR# KEMG6ZK34H - Fixed a potential security issue. (TN# 1263871)
  • SPR# KHON72EHWT - Fixed a potential security issue. (TN# 1258784)
  • +SPR# LQTN6XLCD6 - Added nrecover to the list of processes that we skip when building process lists for Notes instances. This regression was introduced in 6.5.6. (TN# 1233676)
  • SPR# LQTN754CXQ - NSD log misses the Summary section title.
  • +SPR# MJBG6YL2D7 - Fixed a problem where the ini parameter "Server_Max_NoteOpen_Memory_MB" stopped working. This regression was introduced in 6.5.6. (TN# 1256127)
  • +SPR# MSAN6Y5M6U - NSD was not detecting/showing a crash stack on AIX when procstack was used. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.6 FP2 and 7.0.3. (TN# 1233676)
  • SPR# MSAN73R9LV - With this fix, IPC data time stamps and creator processes on Linux will be reported. (TN# 1233676)
  • +SPR# MWHN6Z5S54 - Fixed a server crash, which occurred almost immediately on startup, if running AIX with 32 bit hardware. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5 FP2. (TN# 1257924)
  • SPR# MYAG6CHJT3 - Fixed an "Insufficient memory" error displayed after copying a long memo into a new memo. (TN# 1242782)
  • SPR# PRAD74LKW5 - Fixed potential Lotus Domino IMAP Buffer Overflow Vulnerability. See technote # 1270623 for more details. (TN# 1270623)
  • SPR# RBRE6J7RYE - The public API NSFNoteExtractWithCallback used by 3rd party applications was not exported properly from the LIBNOTES srvpgm. This fixes the export so that 3rd party applications can call this API. (TN# 1225950)
  • SPR# SKAI6QKHYF - In a low memory condition, allocvblock will return null which causes a problem for callers of osallocvblock. (TN# 1240082)
  • SPR# TFER6QB538 - Fixed an issue with an internal API argument data type which resulted in the possible loss of data on AIX & Solaris due to the size of handle being 16 bits on these platforms. When this data loss happened it could cause semaphore hangs. (TN# 1256520)
  • SPR# THTO6YVTNJ - Error "PANIC: Invalid pool free chain" displayed during a server crash with DPOOL corruption. The crash occurred while processing a MIME message. (TN# 1256494)
  • +SPR# THTO72PRQ4 - Fixed an issue where temp C*.DTF files were not deleted after MIME to CD conversion. This regression was introduced in 6.5.6. (TN# 1264830)
  • SPR# TKIE5X76ZT - Fixed DBDIRMAN so that if a file name contains a fullpitch DBCS character, that duplicate names with half pitch characters will no longer crash the server. (TN# 1285417)

  • SPR# DCOY6VZU49 - Fixed a problem where the OS field value did not match between the non crash data collection and ADC which runs after a crash.
  • SPR# JROU6UPRA5 - Fixed the NSD service to work under limited user accounts (ie: accounts that are commonly members of the Users group on XP). If the NSD service is run on a limited user account, the NSD would not execute or attempted to run, but it would appear to do nothing. The only workaround to this problem is to run as administrator. (TN# 1233676)
  • SPR# JROU73QLZV - With this fix, a check has been added for APAR 95868 in NSD on AIX. And if available, procstack will be used as the debugger. (TN# 1233676)
  • SPR# JROU747M6R - Added the NSD version number to the NSD header in log files (uses same version scheme as NSD on Windows). (TN# 1233676)
  • SPR# RGET6MS3LE - NSD diagnostic data collection improvement. With this fix, the server can now log over 100 lines but there is no word wrap between each lines. (TN# 1233676)
  • SPR# RGET6Q2SKY - Fixed a problem which was causing NSD to fail to collect complete diagnostic data in some circumstances. (TN# 1233676)
  • SPR# RGET6Y8N84 - Prior to this fix, Notes DPOOL descriptions were missing in process memory mappings. (TN# 1233676)
  • SPR# RGET6ZR2BW - With this fix, open documents and resource usage now prints out agent names. (TN# 1233676)
  • SPR# SCOS6QSLCP - NSD version information is now available on Unix. (TN# 1233676)
  • SPR# SCOS752SFE - NSD uses standard version numbers. (TN# 1233676)
  • SPR# XJCN76RDD9 - Fixed a problem where the same error message ("no matching processes found") was displayed twice on the server console on the OS390 platform.

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