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SPR # MALR52JU5QFixed in 5.0.10 releaseSecurity fix

Product Area: Server Technical Area: JAVA Platform: Cross Platform

SPR# MALR52JU5Q - Fixed problem with establishing SSL connection over DIIOP when the web server keyring file has a 1024-bit Internet certificate.
Technote Number: 1087593

This problem is caused by the length of the key file and the DIIOP
implementation in current versions of Domino. This issue has been reported to
Lotus Quality Engineering and a fix is being researched.

To work around the issue, install the SSL certificate with a shorter key. Or
use a solution where the channel encryption takes place before the IIOP
connection gets to Domino (for example, a Virtual Private Network entrance to
the network hosting the application).Supporting Information:

On the server, the only error you see for the DIIOP task is "Invalid Peer" as

07/24/2001 05:46:46 PM DIIOP connection from '' failed: SSL Error:
Invalid peer
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Last Modified on 01/21/2005

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