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SPR # JMAL5WGQZ7Fixed in 6.5.5 releaseSecurity fix

Product Area: Server Technical Area: Design Platform: AIX

Lotus Customer Support APAR: LO04269

SPR# JMAL5WGQZ7 - This fixes a problem seen only on AIX where Domino will crash from a stack overflow. Evaluating a long formula can cause too much recursion, which generates the stack overflow. Setting NOTES_STACKLOWCHK=1 in Notes.ini will enable the stack check (AIX only).

Technote Number: 1181169

This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering in SPR# JMAL5WGQZ7, and has
been fixed for the AIX operating system in Domino 6.5.5 and 7.0. A notes.ini
parameter must be used so that an error will be returned by the formula when
its calculation complexity is taxing the stack.

For Domino 6.x the notes.ini parameter is NOTES_STACKLOWCHK. The parameter can
be set to values from 1 to 99 indicating the percent of the stack to reserve
for the check (default is 1).

For Domino 7.0 and later, the notes.ini parameter is FORMULA_STACKLOWCHK.

For the Solaris operating system the issue is tracked in SPR# RLBC6CNRTN, and
is currently under investigation.

In cases where the function is dealing with a static (hard coded) list the
issue can be worked around by breaking the list into 2 or more smaller lists.
There is also a performance issue known with large hard coded lists, so this
workaround may also increase performance.

For example, the formula below causes a crash. To work around it:


SELECT Form = "Main" & @IsMember(List1; List2)


SELECT Form = "Main" & @If (@IsMember(List1; <1st half of the contents of
List2>) | @IsMember(List1; <2nd half of the contents of List2>);@True;@False)

If the issue still persists then break up the check further. Note: If the
first parameter of the @IsMembers call is lengthy it is possible that it is the
cause of the issue.

Supporting Information
There is another issue which may share a root cause with the issue described
above. When a particularly lengthy Mail Rule is executed by the Router and
results in a server crash, you may notice the following error message on the
server console prior to the crash:

"The formula has exceeded the maximum allowable memory usage".

The notes.ini fix described in this document should be used in an attempt to
resolve this issue. If it does not resolve the issue then the rule should be
broken up into shorter comparison. This crash scenario has been reported to
Quality Engineering in SPR # SKAI6JUKE5.
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Last Modified on 12/07/2013

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